How do I contact you after hours?

Our after hours contact number is 414-791-6314

What if I need after hours towing?

For after hours towing you can contact:

Grafton Mobil: 262-375-3080

Eddies Service: 262 284 0250

Do I need an estimate? How will I start the repair process?

The first step is to determine who is paying for your repairs, if another insurance company (not yours) is paying they will need to review accident details with you and the other driver. This may take a few days, a claim number is issued. Not all insurance companies will work with a shop estimate, it is best to discuss with them how to proceed. Some companies will send an appraiser to view your damage at your home or a shop. Some have drive in locations to get the claim process started. If you don’t feel comfortable driving around to do this let them know, they can help with other arrangements. If an insurance company gives you a check for damages on their initial estimate, there is no need to try to find someone to repair your damage for that amount, just present the estimate at the shop and all additional repairs (supplemental damages) will be billed to the insurance company.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

Someone hit me and they want to pay for my damage, what should I do?

We work with both parties in these situations, some end up going through insurance eventually. If you both come to an agreement about payment for your damages, all payments for your repairs must be made before your car is returned to you. It is never recommended to take payment off of an estimate for repairs, as those often change if we find hidden damages. Important things to consider are, getting quality repairs for your vehicle, what will you drive while your car is in the shop. These are not the same things someone who is paying will consider, make sure everyone is well represented.

Do I need a claim number?

In order for us to process an insurance claim, this is a starting point used by your insurance company to collect information related to this loss. Once you choose Total Auto Body to repair your damages we will be communicating with the insurance company paying for your repairs on your behalf using this identifying number.

I need something to drive during my repair what are my options?

Enterprise Rent a car has an office inside our building, 414-366-6626 is the phone number for this location. It is a convenient one stop location for all repairs we handle, if you don’t have car rental on your insurance policy we do have a limited amount of free loaners for use while your car is in the shop. They are based on availability (usually there is a wait list) and require a credit card and driver’s license to use one during your visit. We will also give you a ride home (based on scheduling) with advanced notice. We are happy to help.

Who decides what kind of parts are used in repairing my car?

The insurance policy paying for your repair will spell out what types of parts can be utilized in the repair of your vehicle. The basic options are:

• Aftermarket parts – A secondary company that reproduces parts at a lesser cost & quality than original equipment manufactured parts.

• Salvage parts – Parts removed from vehicles no longer road worthy at a recycling facility.

• Reconditioned parts – Original equipment manufactured parts that have been repaired after sustaining some damage.

• OEM parts – The parts made by the maker of your vehicle (original equipment manufactured part) example: a brand new bumper for a civic made by Honda is an OEM part.

Different insurance companies have different parts usage requirements, if you wanted to choose parts other than what that policy pays for, just let us know and we can provide you a cost estimate on these upgrades. This would be an out of pocket expense for you. We will also submit your needed parts to the OEM to see if the will match pricing on any other parts your insurance company chose, certification programs provide a good opportunity for us to do this for you.

Why would I want my vehicle to be scanned during the repair?

Today’s vehicles have many safety systems that need to be scanned after a collision to be working safely. Some seats need to be re-calibrated so airbags deploy correctly in the future. Blind spot detection, lane deviation, front and rear facing cameras, seat belts are all items that need attention after a collision to make sure they are working properly. There are a very few lights on your dash that alert you to trouble inside your vehicle, but many, many ways your vehicle can be malfunctioning. These scans are a view inside you cars computers that are a valuable tool. At Total Auto Body we will ask you to sign a form allowing us to share any information from a scan with the insurance company paying for your repairs, we are committed to safe repairs of all vehicles and most require scanning to get your car back to you safe to drive with confidence!

How should I choose a shop to repair my car?

Your choice matters, not all shops are equally equipped or staffed. Safety is our #1 concern, all of our staff are trained on today’s vehicles using the latest technology, keeping all of your safety systems working together and your family safe on the road. We have the largest shop in the area with the most I car gold certified technicians, to get you through the process quickly. Enterprise rental on-site is a quick way to drop off for repair and get you going, call for an appointment. We are Ozaukee County’s only multi line certified shop. Featuring ProFirst Certification by American Honda for Honda and Acura vehicles, GM, Chevy, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, Ram, Fiat and SRT Certified.

How long will it take?

This can depend on who is paying for repairs, if insurance approval is needed this can add a couple days to the time line. Direct repair programs, insurance providers working with us directly can save time at the beginning of the process, but we work with all insurance companies to complete your repairs. After the “Total repair planning” process we get you a time line on parts ordering and repair times. If your vehicle arrives on a tow truck (more severe damage) repair times average 1 to 2 weeks, depending on parts delivery and insurance approvals. Just a small bumper hit 1-2 days should do it.

How can I pay for my repairs?

If your insurance company is paying the bill for your repairs any detectable owed would be due at vehicle pick up. We take Visa, Master Card, Discover, Cash or Check. If an insurance company issued you a check for repairs we ask that you hold on to the check and sign it over to us at time of vehicle pickup. Some insurance companies will pay their portion of the bill to us directly. If you have any questions regarding payment on your claim please call the office and we can help.

What is the warranty on our work?

If there is a problem with any part or repair from your collision repair please contact us right away. Our warranty on our work is good as long as you own your vehicle, on parts, repair work and paint. Normal wear and corrosion is excluded from this warranty.

What is a certified shop, would it make a difference?

Many auto manufacturers have certification programs available to help their customers find a qualified shop to repair their car. The manufacturer has qualifications for equipment, training and cleanliness. All repairs need to be researched and completed to factory specifications by factory certified technicians to ensure safety once repairs are finished. Total Auto Body has many certifications from auto manufacturers including, Honda/Acura Pro first certification, GM, Chevy, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Mopar, SRT and General Motors Assured performance certification.

If you need help finding a facility in your area, check your vehicle manufacturer’s web site for more details.