Grafton Collision Repair for Acura TI


For High Quality Vehicle Collision Repair in Grafton, Total Auto Body is Here

Being involved in an accident can lead to problems down the road if your repair facility doesn’t understand the complexity of the electronic system in your vehicle. The simple act of unplugging a light or mirror for example can put trouble codes or DTC’s in your vehicle computer.These codes need to be cleared out after a repair so they don’t lead to a false reading down the road if you ever need service to your vehicle. Make sure after repairs these codes are cleared along with scanning your vehicle with a factory scan tool to ensure the safety systems are working properly.

It is important to note that many vehicle makers require calibration/initialization of advanced safety systems and driver assist systems following part replacement, regardless of the extent of damage. Honda and Toyota vehicles require the passenger front seat weight sensor be re-calibrated after every collision. If the repairs being performed include the replacement of sensors, wires, computers, etc. the vehicle’s service information should be referenced to identify if calibration/initialization is required. Many of today’s advanced vehicle systems won’t illuminate a malfunction indicator lamp on your dashboard, even if there is a fault in the system. The only way to ensure that these systems are free from DTCs would be to perform diagnostic checks.

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