Hail Damage Auto Body Repair

Hail Damage Auto Body Repair

Hail Damage Auto Body Repairhaildamage_02

At Total Auto Body we use Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, for most of our Hail Damage Auto Repair fixes. The PDR process removes a dent or ding from your auto body panels without the use of fillers like Bondo and repainting. Modern day metals used in the manufacture of today’s automobiles have a “memory” that allows this to happen. Hail Damage Repair Shop professionals use these properties to massage the metal’s memory back to the way it was. It is this memory that gives cars their many curves, lines, and aerodynamic features. If you need unsightly dents and dings from parking lots, storms and hail stones call Total Auto Body – your local Hail Damage Auto Body Repair Experts.

Auto Hail Damage is the most effective use of paintless dent repair. Typically hail damage to the body of your car tends to be light in nature. It is important to recognize that hail damage can produce severe claims that could include panel replacement and more traditional methods of hail damage auto body repair. If you would choose not to repair your hail damaged automobile you are going to be greatly reducing the value of your car. When you trade your vehicle in the reduced value from the hail damage will be reflected in your trade in value.

Has you car been damaged by hail? Here are some important steps to follow to help ensure speedy hail damage repair.

  • Immediately report a claim to your insurance company.
  • Have our damage advisor give you an estimate on the hail damage automobile repair cost.
  • Take your car to Total Auto Body for a thorough estimate and schedule a time for your hail damage auto repair.
  • If you will need to rent a car, be sure to contact a car rental company immediately after your auto hail damage repair appointment is made. Rental companies tend to be short on vehicles during a major hail storm event.


Need Auto Body Repair as a result of Hail Damage?

The Cedarburg Auto Body Hail Damage repair experts at Total Auto Body use the latest techniques for getting your Car back to showroom condition. If your car has been dinged and pinged from a recent Hail Storm then don’t wait any longer, call the local experts to get your car back the way it should be. Do-It-Yourself kits may seem like a quick, easy, and cost effective solution; but does it really work? Save yourself the time, effort and hassle by coming directly to Total Auto Body – the Hail Damage Auto Repair Experts.

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