A dented bumper simple enough, but is there more than meets the eye? Many body shops would repair the cosmetic damage, refinish the bumper, and send the owner on their way. Skipping a full safety and damage inspection potentially endangers the driver and their future passengers.

This particular vehicle came in for a bumper repair. Our standard practice is to research the vehicle manufacturer technical site to find out what safety repairs and damage inspections are required after a collision.  Here is what we found:

The vehicle manufacturer required:

  • Mandatory replacement of any seatbelt retractors and buckles in use during the accident.
  • A 20-page four stage seatbelt system inspection on all the safety belts regardless if they were in use at the time of the collision.
  • Removal of the retractors and testing at a range of angles.

The inspection revealed that we needed to replace some of the interior trim panels. Fortunately, we verified that all seat belt components were working properly and passed the safety inspection.

Seatbelt and steering column inspections are required on many vehicles following an accident.

It’s important that the collision auto body shop you choose to repair your vehicle understands the complexity of the repair and follows manufacturer procedures. You deserve peace of mind knowing that your repaired vehicle is as safe after a collision repair as it was before!

Safety, Peace of Mind, & Outstanding Service: That’s what we deliver at Total Auto Body.

Contact us for a complete safety & damage inspection after your next collision or accident.

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